Open Forum event at Ambleside Parish Church May 19th – 7:30pm   

Climate change, biodiversity, pollution and land management are all a focus in the new Environment Act, passed in 2021. This evening will provide an opportunity for the public and any interest groups to come along and take part in open discussion on the content and impact of this new legislation.

The main speaker for the evening will be Tim Farron.

The following quote from Natural England summarises the key areas the act will cover:

In England, November 2021 saw the very welcome addition to the statute book of a new Environment Act, the most ground-breaking piece of environmental legislation in many years. For the first time this Act will set clear statutory targets for the recovery of the natural world in four priority areas: air quality, biodiversity, water and waste, and includes an important new target to reverse the decline in species abundance by the end of 2030. It sets in law new tools that Natural England and others can use to help meet those targets, which will at last enable us to lift the grim graphs of species decline upward towards a Nature-positive 2030.
Do put this date in your diary and come along to join in the discussion.

“The impact the Environment Act 2021 on rural communities”