langdale weddingWe are very happy to help you arrange your wedding here at Holy Trinity Church, Langdale.

If you or a parent, either live or used to live in the valley or were baptized or (in the case of parents) were married here, you have a right to be married by Banns. It may also be possible if you attend services a certain number of times before the wedding. In addition, some couples wish to marry in a church or area which is specially meaningful to them, but with which they have no such “qualifying connection”. These marriages can also take place but will need either a Common Licence or a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate.

The Church of England website has extensive information about marriage.

Information about the legal aspects of marriage is available here.  Simply scroll down the pictures and click on “Banns” and also the one entitled “Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate” and any others which are useful.


langdale weddingAn organist is available (fee varies).  At present there is no local choir available. There is also a piano in the church and a CD player which can be used for music of your choice, if required.


There is a strong local bell-ringing tradition and bell-ringers can usually be mustered to herald the bride for half an hour before the service begins and also as the party leaves the church for another 20 minutes. Please contact Graham Stirrup, the Tower Captain, for further information. / (015394) 37216. 
langdale wedding


The Flower Shop (Lily Lou’s) in Ambleside – (015394) 33121 – is good. Alternatively you may wish to arrange them as a family, or engage another florist. Obviously the flowers are yours to take away, but if you are able to leave a bunch in the church for the next Sunday’s service they would be gratefully received.

Order of service

The marriage Vows and Registration and one Bible reading are essential, but apart from that: choice of hymns/songs, readings etc. is entirely up to the couple. Most people make up their own orders of service in consultation with the vicar, and either home-print it or have it done professionally.  A selection of previous orders of service are available if you would like some ideas.

Wedding Fees

We are required to charge a statutory fee for the wedding and the publication of Banns.  The fee is split equally between the local parish and the Carlisle Diocese.  We normally put out a plate at the back of the church during Wedding Services for attendees to donate to the church on their way out if they so wish.  For a Blessing of Marriage, we ask for a donation towards the upkeep of the church.

The current (2023) fees are:

  • Publication of banns: £36
  • Certificate of banns: £18 (if needed)
  • Marriage Service: £528

Professionals may take videos or non-flash photos at any time in the service as long as they are discreet. The congregation is usually allowed to photograph the bride’s entry as well as the bride and groom’s departure, but are asked to otherwise refrain from photography during the service itself.  (The two photos at the top of this display were taken by Derwent Photography and the one of the flower girl was taken by Chris Freer.)


Any biodegradable confetti or petals may be used.


Marriage preparation is offered. You will be given information when you book your wedding.


This usually takes place on the evening before the wedding. It is a brief (c.35mins) run-through of the main parts of the service to check audibility, where people stand etc. It involves the bride and groom, bride’s father, best man, bridesmaids if possible, and any readers (but any other family or friends are quite welcome).


Please direct inquiries to either Rev’d Nick Hallam or Rev’d Jane Nattrass.