At this bleakest time of the year, when apparently suicides rise – the days are short, sunlight scarce, and the festivities of Christmas a world away, the Church celebrates six weeks of “Epiphany” which means Christ’s “shining out”.  Christmas saw the Light come into the world, in the six weeks of Epiphany we see that light beginning to shine life-giving rays to all around.  So join us at 10.30am for any of the Sundays up until 20th January – but not then!  The 20th is the one Sunday of the year when we have no service at Langdale and instead join our brother and sister Christians of all denominations in the whole neighbourhood and come together for joint worship in St Mary’s parish church, Ambleside.  On the 25th January (a Friday) there will be an additional short service in Holy Trinity at 3pm followed by refreshments.  Do come and join us then to pray for increasing unity between the denominations.